Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

Glossolalia Paper Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your paper to Glossolalia, please ensure that it follows these guidelines. Papers that do not meet the style guidelines as outlined below will not be reviewed, regardless of content.


Papers should be twelve to twenty (12-20) pages double-spaced, including footnotes. The bibliography may exceed the 20-page limit.

Format & Style

In general, follow Chicago Style guidelines, which you can find online, in The Chicago Manual of Style, or in Kate Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. The following guidelines are not exhaustive. They serve only to highlight important issues or departures from Chicago Style.

Author Identification – Do not include your name in the submitted document. The Glossolalia Editorial Board will note your authorship, but they will not include your name in any communication with your reviewer(s). Also, please do not include your name in the title of the document file.

Font – Please use 11pt Georgia font for the body of your paper. Footnotes and block quotations should be 10pt Georgia font.

Block quotations - Block quotations should be single-spaced and the left margin should be set in one-half inch. The text of block quotes should be the same size and typeface as the rest of the body text.

Languages – Words in languages other than English should be italicized unless they form an extended quotation (i.e. a block quotation). This rule should be used for Greek and Hebrew words only when they are transliterated into Roman characters. Do not place quotation marks around non-English terms unless you are quoting another work.

Lists – Please remember to refer to Chicago guidelines when formatting lists.

Margins – Use one-inch (1”) margins on all four sides.

Page Numbers – Do not include page numbers in your paper submission. Your paper will receive numbering based on its place in the final layout of the journal.

Punctuation – Please note the prescription of the use of a serial (Oxford) comma. Also, please place only one space after sentences.

Section Headings – Submission titles should be in all capital letters, centered. Section headers should be boldface and centered and should use headline-style capitalization.

Spacing & Paragraphs – Double space and indent paragraphs. Do not include extra spaces between paragraphs.

References – Please follow Chicago Style guidelines for footnotes (not endnotes) with a bibliography appended on a separate page. Please also note with parentheses if Biblical references are from a translation other than the NRSV.

Titles – Paper titles should appear on the first page of the manuscript in all capital letters in boldface. Please do not include a separate title page in your submission.

A Note Concerning Book Reviews

For the first time in recent history, Glossolalia will begin accepting book reviews for recent scholarly manuscripts in the subject areas in which Glossolalia accepts scholarly articles. A successful book review will include serious scholarly engagement with the argument of the book that goes beyond merely summarizing the work, but will show the original contribution (if any) that the work makes to the current state of research on the topic, and will discuss whether the reviewer thinks the argument of the book is successful, or if it is lacking. Reference may be made to other works on the same or a similar topic for purposes of critical comparison.

Books eligible for review will have been published within the last decade, be scholarly in nature, and will be of more than trivial importance to their subject field. Due to Glossolalia being based in and having a primary allegiance to Yale Divinity School, reviews of recent scholarly works by YDS faculty receive preference for publication. Prospective review writers are encouraged, but not required, to inquire with the editors of Glossolalia as to the acceptability of the books they intend to review. The designation by the editors that a book is acceptable to be reviewed does not imply all reviews written will be finally published.

While there are no firm length stipulations for book reviews, they must engage substantially with the text without being loquacious. For examples of the sort of book reviews desired, prospective review writers are encouraged to look at the New York Review of Books, or the Book Review section of any major academic journal devoted to the topics discussed in Glossolalia.


To submit an essay for consideration in Glossolalia, please email your paper in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) to the Editorial Board at The document title should only include the paper’s title, not the author’s name, the journal’s name, or the issue for which it is under consideration.

Papers for submission are due by 11:59 PM Sunday, March 23. Submitters will be informed if their papers are up for review by Wednesday, March 26.

Open Access and Copyright

Glossolalia is an open-access publication. This allows any student, scholar, or teacher to use the material in the journal in scholarship and teaching as they see fit. In return, one must cite the contents of Glossolalia when making use of its material. This citation should abide by the format used for academic journal articles.

The grant of open-access permissions does not remove professional obligations concerning proper use, citation, and plagiarism.

As of 2013, Glossolalia does not hold the copyright of the articles published in past issues. The journal allows its authors to retain copyright of their work. When an author agrees to publish their material with Glossolalia, they grant their consent to the open-access terms of the journal.